Behavior Assessment System for Children Learning Unit | Learn About BASC-2

BASC Scavenger Hunt

Activity 1.2 – Scavenger Hunt

Answer the following 10 Questions for your scavenger hunt:

Question 1:
Who are the authors of the BASC-2? (Click here for a clue).

Question 2:
What does BASC-2 stand for (um….besides the British Association for Shooting and Conservation)?

Question 3:
How many scales does the BASC-2 have? (Click here for a clue.)

Question 4:
The BASC-2 is described as a multi_____________ and multi______________ assessment. (Click here for a clue.)

Question 5:
How might a therapist incorporate the BASC-2 into his or her practice? (Visit the BASC-2 product page for a clue.)

Question 6:
Which of the BASC-2 authors maintains a clinical practice, is editor-in-chief of Archives of Clinical Neuropsychology, and serves on the editorial boards of 13 journals? (Visit the BASC-2 product page for a clue.)

Question 7:
True or False: The BASC-2 is a viable instrument for use with the elderly population. (Click here for help.)

Question 8:
How does Dr. Rockinson-Szapkiw suggest we help little Samson with the use of the BASC-2 report? (Click here and watch the PowerPoint presentation at the bottom of the screen for help.)

Question 9:
Approximately how long does it take for a person to administer the Self-Report of Personality (SRP)? (Click here for help.)

Question 10:
True or False?  Support has been found for the validity of the PRS and TRS for assessment and identification of children with ADHD. (Click here for help.)

Congratulations (if you just finished the Scavenger Hunt)! How did you do? 🙂