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Essentials of Behavioral Assessment – Book

Essentials of Behavioral Assessment

Book Description

The Essentials of Behavioral Assessment book is written to build your skills in administering, scoring, and interpreting behavioral assessment tests.

Properly administering behavioral tests is crucial for any professional. This book provides an authoritative source of information on how to administer, score, and interpret these tests. Written by the creators of the BASC (Behavioral Assessment System for Children), Essentials of Behavioral Assessment is a valuable resource to have as a guide.

This book will help you, as a mental health professional, quickly gain the skills and knowledge you need to maximize your use of  major psychological assessment instruments. Key concepts are easily scanned through the effective use of highlighted boxes, bulleted lists, professional illustrations as well as quiz questions to confirm your understanding of the information addressed throughout the book.

The first book to include interpretive and administrative guidelines for using the BASC, CRS-R (Conners’ Rating Scales-Revised), and CBCL (Achenbach Child Behavior Checklists), Essentials of Behavioral Assessment covers the leading behavioral assessment tests used in the field.

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